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    Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters

    Specialty & Custom Systems

    Tubular Reactor Systems

    Multi Reactor Systems

    Parallel Reactor Systems

    Medium-pressure reactors

    Corrosion testing autoclaves

    Lab and pilot pressure reactors

    Small-pressure reactors

    High-pressure reactors

    Metal-free (inert) pressure reactors

    Hydrogenation systems


    Agitator and Impellers

    Standard autoclaves

    Custom Built Pilot Skids

    Gas Hydrate Formation

    HPHT Corrosion Testing

    Pressure Vessels

    Acid Digestion Bomb

    Stirred Pressure Autoclave Reactor

    Eco Catalyst Screening

    Magnetic Drive Coupling & Mixers

    Parallel chemistry

    Precise pumps HPHT


    Initial fluid saturation

    Capillary pressure

    Electrical properties

    Relative permeability

    Gas permeability

    Liquid permeability

    Bulk volume


    Natural radioactivity

    Core photography


    Thin section

    Organic geochemistry


    Core inspection

    Core cutting

    Core mounting

    Core cleaning

    Core drying

    Core saturation

    Special core analysis

    In-situ saturation

    Relative permeability

    Carbon storage

    NMR experiments

    Capillary pressure



    Core Holders

    Fluid monitoring

    Fluid storage


    Triaxial cells

    Gas hydrates triaxial test

    Compression tests

    Rock compressibility

    Acoustic velocity

    Mechanical properties

    Gas desorption

    Gas adsorption isotherm

    Reservoir stimulation

    Brine crystallization

    Acid Fracturing

    Hydraulic fracturing

    Matrix acidizing

    Formation damage

    Critical properties

    Interfacial tension


    Microbial EOR

    Thermal EOR

    Gas injection EOR

    Chemical flooding EOR

    Multi purpose EOR flooding systems

    Fluid testing PVT

    Manual pumps

    Injection pumps


    Bottom hole sample cyl.

    Surface sample cylinders

    Sampling tools



    Fluid pumpability





    PVT accessories

    Fluid composition



    Fluid recombination


    Phase behavior

    Materials Testing

    Vibration basic Knowledge

    Environmental Test Systems

    Release Hooks

    Zero Height Drop Tester

    Drop Tester for Portable Gadgets

    Drop Test Machine

    Transportation Simulators

    Economy Vibration Test Systems

    Mechanical Vibration Test Systems

    Drop Measurement Systems

    Collision testing machine

    Incline Impact Test Machine

    High Speed Shock Test Systems

    Shock Test Systems

    Digital vibrator

    Compact Vibration Systems

    SRS Shock Response Spectrum Test System

    Mechanical Shock Test System

    Electromagnetic Vibration Test System

    Vacuum Furnace

    Ozone Sterilization Oven

    Sterilization Oven

    Hot Air Oven

    Tunnel Oven

    Nitrogen Oven

    Clean Oven

    Vacuum Nitrogen Oven

    Vacuum Oven

    Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Oven

    UHV Ultra High Vacuum Oven

    Other Equipments


    Battery Test Equipment

    Ultra Cold Storage Freezers

    Odor Test Chamber

    Full Scale Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber

    Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber

    Automotive VOC Test Chamber

    VOC Pretreatment Chamber

    Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber

    Auto Interiors Emission Test Chamber

    VOC Environmental Test Chamber

    Electric Appliance VOC Emission Test Chamber

    Full Scale VOC Emission Test Chamber

    VOC Emission Test Chamber

    Temperature Humidity Cabinet

    Standard Curing Chamber for Concrete

    Mold Test Chambers or Bacteriological Incubator

    Drug Test Chambers

    Integrated Tensile and Environmental Test Chamber


    HAST-Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chambers

    Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Tester

    Drive-In Test Chamber

    Walk-In Test Chamber

    IP Ingress Protection Rating Test Equipments

    AGREE Chamber

    Aging Test Chamber

    Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber

    Temperature Only Test Chamber

    Thermal Shock Test Chamber

    Battery Climatic Chamber

    Temperature Humidity Chamer

    Hypobaric Oxygen Chamber

    Altitude Test Chamber

    Outer Space Test Chamber

    Thermal Vacuum Chamber

    Hydraulic press

    Air-Driven Liquid Pumps

    Air-Driven Gas Boosters

    Hydraulic test bench

    Tube Fittings

    Double Ferrule Union

    Union Elbows

    Double Ferrule Tube Fitting

    Tube Fitting Nuts

    Male Connectors

    Female Connectors

    Male Thread Elbow

    Tube Union Tee

    Female Thread Elbow

    Male Tee Fitting

    Female Tee Fitting

    Tube Caps

    Tube Union Cross


    Tube Union Plug

    Tube Adapter

    Weld Connectors

    Stainless Steel Single Ferrule

    Carbon Steel Single Ferrule

    Hydraulic Fitting

    Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fitting

    Carbon Steel Hydraulic Fitting

    Pipe Fitting

    Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

    Ultra High Pressure Fittings

    Stainless Steel Forged Fitting

    Carbon Steel Forged Fitting

    Flared Fitting

    Needle Valve

    Medium and High Pressure Fittings & Needle Valves

    Gauge Valves

    Forged Needle Valves

    Integral Forged Needle Valves

    Integral Bonnet Needle Valves

    Instrumentation Ball Valve

    Trunnion Ball Valves

    High Performance Ball Valves

    Hex Bar Stock Ball Valves

    One-Piece Instrumentation Ball Valves

    High Pressure Ball Valve

    Non-Return Valve

    Check Valve

    SAE Flange

    ANSI Flange

    5 Valve Manifolds

    3 Valve Manifolds

    2 Valve Manifolds